September 28, 2012

Weekend Inspiration: Mod Podge

Since I have been feeling uncrafty, and since I have a mod podge project in the works, I thought maybe some mod podge inspiration was in order. (I am not paid to post about or give an opinion about mod podge.) It is crazy what you can do with mod podge! I think I can even do this! Woohoo!

Cutest little recipe box ever!
mod podge, decoupage, DIY
The Frugal Girls

I can just see pics of my daughter in here...
mod podge, decoupage, DIY
Tidy Mom

And, well, my daughters name is Gabrielle, so couldn't leave the 'G' out! :)
mod podge, decoupage, DIY
The Girl Inspired

I don't have a clothesline, but I could! Ha! But you could put magnets on the backs and use on the fridge. These are so stinkin' cute! 
mod podge, decoupage, DIY
The Accidental Crafter

Love this, cuz I love sheet music...
mod podge, decoupage, DIY
How About Orange

How easy would it be to keep your stuff organized with this beauty?!
mod podge, decoupage, DIY
Think Crafts

How's like a quilt!
mod podge, decoupage, DIY
Twig and Toadstool

Love this bench!

mod podge, decoupage, DIY
Cozy Green Cocoon

And this one!
mod podge, decoupage, DIY
Cre8tive Designs

A pumpkin?! Just in time for Halloween! Eek!
mod podge, decoupage, DIY
Make and Takes

This would make such a great gift!
mod podge, decoupage, DIY
A Creative Life

Love maps, too. You should see the before...go check it out!
mod podge, decoupage, DIY

More sheet music, ahh, I plan on using sheet music on my project.
mod podge, decoupage, DIY
Centsational Girl

And these Boots!!
mod podge, decoupage, DIY
Cathie Filian
And so you aren't left wondering what my project is, here is the table I will be sprucing up!

mod podge, decoupage, DIY

I found him at the Goodwill for a whopping $2.00! I can't wait to get started! But I have to, until Sunday anyway. I already have him sanded and is paint and then...MOD PODGE!

Have you ever used mod podge before? What did you use it on? Did you love it? I have never used it before, but I think I'm going to love it! I hope you feel inspired to create! If you want more mod podge ideas, hop over to Mod Podge Rocks. You won't be sorry! Have a wonderful weekend and keep enjoying The Finishing Touches~

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  1. Hi Laurie! Enjoyed reading this post! I had heard of modge podge for a number of years but never had the urge to use it until I saw Martha Stewart decorate a pair of tennis shoes with modge podge and glitter. I was so intrigued by the episode that I immediately went out and purchased a very large bottle of modge podge. That was almost a year ago and it wasn't until last month that I got the bottle out and used it to decorate a pumpkin. I was truly impressed with what I could do with modge podge and since then have made several decorative items.

    1. Hi Gail! I am really excited to give it a try! I just need to get the table ready! I really hope it turns out. I love the idea of doing this on a pumpkin. I may have to try it next year. Thanks for stopping by! :)


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