December 07, 2012

Weekend Inspiration: DIY Gift Ideas

While researching this topic I came across an article called "Rules for Making DIY Gifts That People Actually Want" from TLC Home. My first thought was, "I didn't realize there were rules." But then I realized, this isn't a bad idea. I mean, no one wants a gift just for the sake of getting a gift. Overall, what I got out of the short article, was put some thought/effort into it. So I figured, why not gather some great ideas all in one place?! It could be sort of like shopping. =) Follow the source links for full tutorials. Have fun!

I'm going to start with candles, because I LOVE them! I have tons of them around my house. Flameless and regular. Candles are fairly easy to make. How about these adorable travel size candles made from small candy or mint tins?

DIY gift ideas
Source: Sunset
These are adorable, aren't they? You could make several to give away individually or as sets. Love this idea. There are so many different sizes and items to make candles. You can use mason jars, tin cans, tea cups, small flower pots, coffee mugs, candy dishes, and the list goes on and on! Is there someone you know that would love to receive a candle?

Note: For more great candle ideas check out decorative decal pillar candles and dip dyed candles.

Next up is a DIY Multi-Strand Scarf brought to us by Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth. My daughter actually made me one of these this summer and I absolutely love it! I get so many compliments on it whenever I wear it and someone always asks how to make it or to look at it closely so they can see how it's made. Click the link for the full tutorial and you will be on your way to making your own!

DIY gift ideas 

I featured this recipe box from The Frugal Girls in an earlier blog post. What a great gift idea to give that someone that loves to be in the kitchen!

DIY gift ideas

Fill it with some personalized recipe cards and they will be set. You can make them on your computer at home. And don't forget to write down a few of your favorites to share with them on those new personalized recipe cards! They will think of you each time they use this.

How about giving Christmas ornaments? Check out this tutorial from The 36th Avenue on how to make chalkboard ornaments. Make an entire set for each person you want to give them to. They look amazing on the tree!

DIY gift ideas


Create a personal tote bag for someone. This lovely tote from Ashley Ann Photography is spot on!

DIY gift ideas

You can personalize a tote any way you like. There are so many options. You can even make the tote yourself. I don't know about you, but I would love one of these!

Make a desk organizer set. After finding this project, I believe I will be making one of these for myself at some point! I love me some organization! This set from In My Own Style is adorable!

DIY gift ideas

Personalized towels make a nice gift as well. You can get as creative as you like with these! Making Lemonade makes it look so easy!

DIY gift ideas

If you don't have stamps, you can make your own by printing out the letters, tracing them on wax paper and then cut them out. These would be an adorable gift! The possibilities are endless!

Sweets! Who doesn't love to receive sweets?! Last year I had done a lot of Christmas baking (recipes to share on the blog coming soon). I found some adorable Christmas boxes that played Christmas music when you took the lid off. I placed plastic wrap in the box and filled it with a sampling of all my goodies. I had one person on my gift list doesn't care for chocolate (what????) so I just put extras of the non-chocolate goodies in her gift box. Everyone loved them! That was pre-blog, so I don't have any pictures of the ones I gave, but you can imagine. You could even write out the recipes, hole punch the corners, tie together with ribbon and include them with the box.

DIY gift ideas

Any gift box will do, depending on how many goodies you place in the box, will determine the size. You could even use something other than a gift box, like a mug.

Gift giving is supposed to be fun so be creative and have fun with it! Will you be giving any DIY gifts this year?

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